Machine Polishing & Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of removing defects such as scratches, scuffs, swirls and holograms through machine polishing while refining and deepening the gloss of the paint. It can completely transform the way your car looks. Through improper washing techniques and a lack of paint protection, fine scratches (as visible is the left side of the above picture) and other issues can build up to the point where the paint becomes dull, loses its shine and in severe cases the lacquer can fail completely and begin to chip or peel off.


These paint defects are an unsightly nuisance and can have a really negative effect on how your car looks. Generally, most scratches which you can't catch your fingernail on when running it over them can be polished out, either completely or considerably reduced. If you want to remove a specific scratch or scuff, these will be priced on an individual basis, according to how long it takes to complete.


Machine polishing is a time consuming process, typically taking between 1-5 days depending on the vehicle and finish required. The amount of defects removed will depend on several factors; the thickness of the paint to begin with, the condition of the paint, your budget, finish desired etc. Sometimes full correction is neither possible or appropriate.


Once polished, it is important to correctly care for your cars paint to reduce the risk of scratching or marring the paint during the wash process. I would highly recommend a sealant or ceramic paint coating after the machine polishing. Ceramic coatings are the latest in paint protection. Using nano technology these coatings form an invisible but tough and durable protective layer on your cars paint, effectively becoming the paints new surface. These coatings (if correctly cared for) last years and offer much more protection than traditional waxes which normally last just a few months.


If you are looking to reduce the overall amount of scratches or swirls on your car, while greatly improving the depth of shine on your cars paint then the Enhancement Detail - Minor Correction or Gtechniq Protection Detail are perfect for you.

For paint sealants and ceramic coatings look at Paint Protection.



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