Showroom Valet

Whether you are planning on selling your caravan or motorhome, or just want to get it looking its best inside and out, this service has it covered. There is a full interior clean, including shampooing and extracting all the upholstery. On the outside, after a thorough wash your caravan or motorhome is machine polished to enhance the paints gloss. Following that a coat of wax is applied to seal in the shine, while protecting the paint. This wax will last for 3-4 months. An optional nano-tech sealant upgrade is available, offering up to 12 months of protection. This means that once polished, a yearly top-up of this sealant would mean your vehicle is protected all year round. By keeping your vehicles paint protected all the time, it reduces the risk of the paint fading to matt (which is a particular risk with fibreglass bodies)

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This includes:


  • Exterior wash using non-caustic detergents
  • Roof deep cleaned to remove algae
  • Inside of window frames cleaned
  • Low pressure rinse
  • Wheels cleaned & tyres dressed
  • Vehicle dried
  • All paint machine polished
  • Coat of protective wax applied
  • Full vacuum & dust
  • All cupboard doors, walls and ceiling cleaned
  • All upholstery shampooed & extracted
  • All interior windows cleaned





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