Bodywork Restoration & Renovation

Its common for a Caravan or Motorhome to lose its shine over time, particularly if regular polishing and waxing haven't been done. Once GRP (fiberglass) or paintwork has faded to a matt finish, the only way of restoring it to its former glory is through extensive machine polishing.

Using a professional grade machine polisher, I can cut through the faded layer of GRP or clear coat on your paint to restore it to a beautiful shine once more.


Once complete, your caravan or motorhome will be gleaming. At this point,

the vehicle is then waxed using a paste wax. This coat of wax acts as a protective layer on top of your freshly polished paintwork. In addition to protecting the paint, the wax is extremely water repellent, this means that it will be far easier to wash and keep clean in the future as the dirt won't stick to the bodywork nearly as much.


Provided the vehicle is protected with a new coat of wax 2-3 times a year after the renovation, then your Caravan or Motorhome should never lose its shine again.

Hazy and scratched plastic windows and headlights can also be restored.


An optional nano-tech sealant upgrade is available, offering up to 12 months of protection. This means that once polished, a yearly top-up of this sealant would mean your vehicle is protected all year round. By keeping your vehicles paint protected all the time, it reduces the risk of the paint fading again (which is a particular risk with fibreglass bodies)

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This includes:


  • Exterior wash using non-caustic detergents
  • Roof deep cleaned to remove algae
  • Inside of window frames cleaned
  • Low pressure rinse
  • Wheels cleaned & tyres dressed
  • Vehicle dried
  • All paint extensively machine polished to restore shine
  • Coat of protective wax applied





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