Safe Wash

Poor washing techniques are the biggest cause of fine scratches and damage to your paint. If you value your cars paint and want to keep it looking its best then a careful, but thorough wash is essential to minimise the risk of this. This wash process is the same for all of my detailing services.


The wash includes:


  • snow foam pre-wash (this gently liquifies and lifts the majority of dirt and grit away from the paints surface, helping to minimise the risk of scratching the paint during the wash)
  • pressure rinse
  • wheels cleaned using acid-free wheel cleaner (including inside rims)
  • wheels decontaminated using iron fallout remover
  • shampoo applied via snow foam lance
  • intricate areas cleaned using ultra soft bristle brush
  • bodywork gently cleaned using a luxury super soft wool fibre wash mitt
  • pressure rinse
  • spray wax applied
  • vehicle dried using deep pile microfibre drying towel
  • tyres & wheel arches dressed
  • windows cleaned



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