Car Detailing

Detailing is my speciality. If you take a pride in your cars appearance and want to enhance and maintain its beauty, while protecting your investment, then these are the services for you. These high-end detailing treatments will cleanse, enhance and protect the many surfaces of your car, both inside and out. I offer a regular maintenance service, to keep your car protected and looking its best all the time.


Services offered include:


  • paint correction and restoration
  • scratch removal/reduction
  • plastic trim restoration
  • leather cleaning, conditioning & protection
  • steam cleaning
  • fabric waterproofing & protection
  • in-depth interior cleaning
  • optional nano-technology window treatment
  • long term nano-technology or ceramic paint sealants
  • alloy wheel sealing
  • maintenance visits



Cleanse & Protect Detail

(exterior deep clean, clay, wax and seal)

Approx 4 Hours


Complete Detail

(interior/exterior/engine detail)

Approx 1 day.


Enhancement Detail

(single stage machine polish & exterior enhancement)

From 6-14 Hours.


Minor Correction

(2 stage machine polish, paint enhancement & protection)

From 2 days.


Gtechniq Protection Detail

(single stage machine polish, paint enhancement, interior detail & long lasting Gtechniq protection for your paint, glass, windows, leather & fabrics)

From 3 days.


New Car Protection


Approx 1 day.


Interior Detail

(steam, shampoo, condition & protect)

4-6 hours.


Maintenance Detail

(full interior/exterior)

From 3-6 Hours.


Safe Wash

Approx 1 Hour.




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