Complete Detail

If your car is your pride and joy then this is the service for you. The complete detail takes the cleaning of your car to a new level, both inside and out. The aim of this service is to get the many surfaces of your car cleaned to a very high standard, getting into every little corner and detail. Then protecting the outside of your car to help it stay looking it's best for longer while making future maintenance easier.


Included in this service:



  • safe wash - click here for full details
  • door jambs, shuts and boot cleaned and degreased
  • wheels cleaned & decontaminated (including inside rims)
  • vehicle dried
  • 3 stage paint decontamination (using iron fallout remover, tar remover then clayed to leave paint spotlessly clean and smooth as glass)
  • paint given light machine polish to enhance gloss and remove any marring from clay bar process
  • paint wiped down with I.P.A. to remove polish residue prior to paint sealant
  • nano paint sealant applied ( up to 8 months protection)
  • wheel faces sealed with nano-sealant
  • tyres & wheel arches dressed
  • all plastic trim restored (lasts 6-8 months)
  • windows polished
  • engine cleaned, degreased, dried & all hoses & plastics conditioned



  • entire car vacuumed and dusted
  • centre console, dash, door cards, door pillars, vents and all other plastics steam cleaned
  • all carpets, upholstery and mats shampooed & extracted or steam cleaned
  • leather deep cleaned, conditioned and protected
  • air con sanitised
  • windows polished



Long term paint, wheel and window protection also available. For more information, click on the links below, or ask for details when booking.

Paint protection

Wheel protection

Window protection




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